i recently turned 32 years old. wow. not much more to say.

life has been hectic as of late, but that seems to be the norm. things are moving and God is moving – i just hope i am smart enough to take the ride with him. i hope to be more focused on posting here both for my own benefit and to spread the word about some important things going on.

i’m transitioning to a new project at work (thank goodness!!!) and life is great on that front. this new project will allow much more time for me to take care of myself both physically and spiritually. i am about to embark on a life-changing quest for fitness. my fire was stoked when my friend Andy and I ran the Warrior Dash last weekend. it was an incredibly good time, but it illustrated my continuing need to get in better shape and take care of what God has blessed me with.

Marah Water is taking off. i don’t even know where to begin. the launch501c3 conference was amazing, and it answered tons of questions. my weeks since then have been packed with discussions and meetings. just yesterday our first board member joined the team – hopefully the others will follow soon. lots of “God things” are happening, our network is growing, and opportunities are presenting themselves almost daily. we’re obviously on the right track. see updates at http://www.marahwater.com

the kids are wonderful. growing up fast, learning, and being all around nutballs. ricky can write his name now and you should see the pictures he draws! he is an amazingly sweet, thoughtful and cautious kid. rachel is in love with daddy and daddy likes it! she is all about pink, princesses, laughing pizza, and dancing. she’s all girl, but she’s a handful too – she has to be when dealing with her big brother.

kristy and i both are working through the process of going back to school. i’m about to apply for a PhD program at Georgia Tech. i don’t know how it will all work out, but it seems like a good idea. we’ll see.. kristy has had a heck of a time getting her paperwork sorted out, but we’re getting there. we decided to hold off on a summer start since it just didn’t feel right.

i’ll be posting more often to discuss life in general, leadership lessons, humility and fat guy fitness. i hope you’ll come back!

oh, and i’m writing a book. more on that later 🙂


work has been very wild lately. things feel like they are falling apart, but this is the nature of my business. the final weeks of a project are always a flurry of activity and everything goes wild. i’m in the midst of it, which is why i’m sitting here on a Sunday morning posting from my office during my coffee break.

i am very interested in what the Bible says about work. God speaks to us through the Bible about many things but He is silent about many things as well. luckily work is not one of them..

i found this website while looking for some insight last night and found it to be insightful. take a look if you have a minute.


God wants us to work and be fruitful. we need to remember who we belong to. i need to remember why i do this. sometimes it is hard, sometimes the stress gets to me.

if you’re in the same boat, i encourage you by telling you that you aren’t alone. i’m here too. i’m looking for the reason i’m here every day. i look for the moments in which God can use me and I can glorify him. and i look forward to the day that he moves me to something else.

hang in there. i’m trying, so can you!

so i am going to try this on for size again. here are some quick updates.

-finished my masters in december. whew.

-exercising again. its tough but i cant not do it. i have plans.

-work is insane. can’t believe the intensity right now. and i just got a couple more projects dumped in my lap – big ones. fun.

-kids are great. growing up. incredibly sweet.

-dad had his other knee replaced and he’s almost back to 100%. he has no pain and it’s borderline miraculous. he’s a changed man!

-we’ve mourned the death of two friends in the last few months.

i’m back.

life has been interesting lately.

2 weeks from yesterday (11/19), kristy and i leave for Kenya. we’re working on a clean water project. check it out @ http://www.marahwater.com

we’ve put out the initial “commo blast” and have had some pretty good results. i had hoped that everyone i sent a note to would be fully on board and sending money and prayers and engineering resources, but it didn’t happen. instead, i got a lot of questions, some prayer, and a few key folks with high interest. i really think God is teaching us a lesson – start small. be faithful with a little and more will come. handle this properly from the start and it will expand beyond your wildest dreams.

life is incredibly busy. i finish my masters degree this coming month and graduate on 12/19. work is busy. kids are keeping us busy, especially with the random health issues rachel has been experiencing. add to this my crazy workload and you have a recipe for fun.

still trying to lose weight. slowly getting into the swing of things. need to get to 240-245 so i have some options. more on that later.

i think that’s it for now. check the Marah Water site and blog for info on what we’re doing. if we can get net access while we’re gone then we’ll be updating 🙂


ive never seen it rain this much anywhere.

atlanta is flooded. i can drive 10 minutes northwest of my house and see homes almost completely submerged.

we’re blessed to be sitting in a dry house.

if you pray please pray for those affected by the weather in atlanta. it’s pretty bad around here..

i’m sure there are tons of blog posts about the events of 8 years ago today. i’m not going to rehash that.

i’m going to say just a few things.

thanks to our men and women in uniform who sacrifice daily to keep us safe. we’ll never know what we truly owe them.

thanks to those who have lost their lives in the defense of freedom.

life has been a bit crazy lately, hence my lack of posts. i’ll give a short rundown of some big stuff.

– last week i started the final course of my masters degree. i can’t believe i’m so close. december 14 i’ll be hooded. wow.

– now that i’m close to being done with my MS, i am seriously considering a Ph.D candidacy at Regent University. they have a really great program in Organizational Leadership that can be custom tailored. the program required 60 credit hours including dissertation. i think that’s about 2-1/2 years of study, but i’m waiting to hear back from the recruiter. even better, Regent is a Christian school that injects Biblical principles into it’s programs. very cool, and it will legitimize my leadership of the organization i plan to start (see next item)

– Kristy and I (and maybe our media/pr guy) are going to Kenya in november. this is the start of something big. more details soon, but please pray for a few things – fundraising, guidance, safe travel, and that we’ll find something to do with our kids 🙂 teaser: h2o

– the kids are growing up. they have started preschool. not much else to say.. it’s bittersweet. they are already learning so much. it’s wild.

– i am officially Coach Adam! last night was Ricky’s soccer practice (the U4 Cosmos). teaching kids under 4 how to play soccer is quite an experience, but it’s loads of fun. i actually got them to listen to me and to avoid using their hands. we’ll see how it goes 🙂

– i recently lost a good friend, Adam Anderson. everyone thought we were brothers. he had a rough time these last few years. i know he’s in a better place now. it’s definitely been hard.

that’s about it for now. i’ll address some of these specific issues soon as i plan to post much more often..

this girl has my heart!

yesterday kristy and i finally got our baby girl rachel out of the hospital.

both rachel and ricky had been suffering from a summer cough – a little viral thing that has been going around. in rachel it developed into pneumonia and she even had a partially collapsed lung.

saturday kristy and i were out working. when we returned to the house we were both uneasy about rachel’s wheezing and coughing. kristy made the call to take her to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta urgent care clinic up the road. after a couple of hours there they put her in an ambulance and took her to the main CHOA emergency room.

she’s doing better now, but we still have some healing to do.

parents know that there’s nothing worse than a sick kid. even worse is a sick kid at the hospital. for 4 days.

lots of thoughts ran through my head during the last few days. one that i still can’t shake is that if we were your average african family my daughter would probably be dead or close to it today.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – this world is broken. this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. God help us!

for those of you who knew about this and prayed for us – i can’t thank you enough.

so it’s been 2 full weeks since i began treatment with the new doc.

i’ve been on some supplements and a detox diet to prepare me for some allergen testing.

if these two weeks are an indicator of what’s in store then, wow, i should have done this a long time ago.

i’ve lost 13lb. i haven’t eaten like a bird. i’ve eaten great food!

i have more energy that i have in years. no more fighting to stay away in the afternoons, no more struggling to get up early. ive been working outside after work and all day on the weekends rather than lounging around to recover from the week.

i feel fantastic. the only things that have changed are my eating habits due to the diet and the supplements.

next appointment is early next month and we’ll see what the next steps are!!

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