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Ephesians 5:22-33 is one of my most favorite passages of scripture.

it challenges me daily to honor my wive. i love kristy and i honor her, but i always want to do a better job.

life is stressful right now. i’m not home a lot. between my job and my masters degree i’m a busy guy. when i come home it’s all about the kids. when we go to bed we pretty much fall asleep before we get a chance to catch up. i’m ready for this hectic schedule to be over, and the light is at the end of the tunnel – i’ll finish my schooling very soon.

i’ll be honest. much of the time i want to honor myself before anyone else. and much of the time i choose to do just that. but God is working on me, and i am in constant prayer. my wife deserves better – not that i feel like i’m no good, but she deserves better. if there ever comes a day when i don’t feel that way then there’s something wrong. i will always strive to be a better husband.

so how do you guys reading honor your wives? do you? do you need to reevaluate? has the newness of marriage worn off? do you need a reality check? go check out Ephesians 5:22-33 and think about the relationship God calls us to have through Christ with our wives. make yourself ready to lay down your life for her – both literally and figuratively. be her servant. in this way you not only honor her, but you honor and love yourself and, most importantly, God.


as i’ve said before, these reasons are countless. there’s no way i could list them all.

my wife always knows the right thing to say. i never feel like i know the right thing to say. it amazes me.

take, for instance, this morning. i was heading out to work and in a bummed mood. i haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, school is intense, work is crazy, and i’ve been sick. i’m restless and want some change. i’ve just been kinda bummed out lately.

kristy had the right words. she didn’t plan it, she didn’t look up something to say on the internet, she didn’t practice in the mirror. it came straight from her heart.

and what happened? i’m sitting here at work, working hard, chipping away at it, and i’m happy. i feel blessed. she soothes the savage beast.

my wife is a hottie!

i tell my wife that she’s beautiful every day. somewhere inside i’m afraid that it will become commonplace and she’ll get used to me saying it, but that probably isn’t true nor will it stop me.

kristy is a gorgeous woman. she has beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, a smile that would stop a freight train, and, well, let’s just say she’s in shape 🙂

i’m a lumbering oaf of a man, and i often wonder what i did to deserve a wife who turns heads. whatever i did it must have been REALLY good!

i fall in love with Kristy again every day. i look at her in the morning and remember all the reasons i love her. i become more attracted to her every day as well. i constantly see new things about her that i love – that look she gives me when i get home from a long day at work, that smile when Ricky or Rachel does something new, that pensive look when she’s studying something.

to quote one of my favorite songs from The Verve, i’m a lucky man.

my wife is a trooper.

i’m always getting into something. whether it’s some crazy business enterprise that i dream up and talk about for a month straight or an insane home renovation project (like the one we’re in the middle of right now) she is always there to cheer me on and help however she can.

case/point. our poor cats (who live indoors) were attacked by fleas recently. the lower level of our split level home was covered in them. i sprayed and sprayed, we still have them, though not as many. she’s patient as i try every trick in the book to fight these little jerks off. for some reason the little bastards chew on her every chance they get and i haven’t been bitten once.

part of the solution is to renovate the unfinished utility area downstairs. i figure it will be easier to keep clean, it’ll force us to go through our mounds of stuff that’s stored down there, and it just needs to be done. kristy has stood by me every step of the way, and she’s actually happy that i’m doing it myself. doing it myself means it’s slow. we were without a washer and dryer for a week and a half. that alone would drive most women (remember we have 2 kids!) into a deranged fit of anger, but kristy is excited about it.

since we were first married she has always given me more support and encouragement than any man deserves. i can say with 100% confidence that she would follow me anywhere to do anything, and that makes me want to do the same for her. she’s truly selfless and fulfills the biblical idea of a wife to a T.

don’t think this means i can walk all over her because i surely couldn’t, even if i wanted to! her willingness to serve me drives me to serve her, and our relationship is stronger for it. we’re devoted to each other, and i just can’t figure out why i am so blessed.

since this is the first volume i need to explain a few things..

first, i’ll never be able to cover it all. there aren’t enough gigabytes to explain how much i love kristy and why.

second, these reasons are in no particular order. some are everyday reasons and some will talk about the core values, qualities and traits that make me so head over heels for this woman…

tonight’s reason – FOOD!

my wife is a great awesome cook. ask any of our friends. she truly enjoys entertaining people around our table, and i love it. if you know anything about me then you know i like to eat. i probably like it a bit too much (see my running blog for more info on that…)

kristy’s favorite television channel is the food network. she has no fear when it comes to trying recipes – especially recipes from food network chefs. she pulls it off every time.

tonight kristy decided to make her own bbq sauce. who makes their own bbq sauce? kristy does.

since i’ve been trying to get healthy kristy has worked hard to cook healthy food for our family. trust me, it’s still the best food you could imagine.

i’m a lucky guy. i’ll never hurt for good food, and our kids will always remember mom’s cooking.

thanks for the good eats, babe 🙂

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