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Honestly I forgot I had this blog set up.  I was planning on a new one altogether, and when I tried to start one here at WordPress I found all my old stuff.  Funny how the Internet is like that, it never lets you forget.

Anyway, it’s been a while.  Life is different now.  We moved to Western North Carolina, where I now work for Facebook.  It’s my dream job and it really is everything it’s cracked up to be.  I work with amazing people on an amazing product that’s way deeper and much more powerful than most people realize.  We truly do make the world more open and connected.

Our move was a bit tough on the kids, but the benefits have proven to outweigh it all.  Their school is great, the abundance of nature is awesome, and there is NO TRAFFIC!! I felt like I spent half my life in the car when we were in Atlanta.  No more.

The one thing we miss is Jiu Jitsu.. We can’t find it anywhere close by.  We’re working with some friends to try to change this, but it’s not going to happen any time soon.  In light of that, and a few months of a sedentary lifestyle and a few pounds packed on, I did something last night that I said I’d never do.

I started CrossFit.

Yes, I took the plunge.  The local gym is small, but I immediately noticed that, like most gyms and most places here in rural NC, they are a team and a family.  I didn’t realize how much I missed that until last night.  I also didn’t realize how much I missed movement.  It’s easy to be lazy, but I snapped out of it while challenging myself last night.  I’m back, and I am excited about working hard, having fun, and making a change.

The gym makes all newcomers undergo a series of “foundation” classes in order to safely learn the movements and lifts that are at the core of CrossFit.  This makes me feel pretty good, as I know plenty of people who have gotten hurt doing this and other high intensity, structured fitness training.  I feel like my new coaches really know their stuff, they understand the mechanics of movement, and they are focused on ensuring growth and performance without risking your health.  I’m not getting any younger, and I’m a big guy, meaning my joints need all the help they can get.

I’ll be tracking my progress here, as I have learned that I only see great results when I become slightly obsessed with something.  I definitely have an “all or nothing” streak in me.  BJJ helped me learn how to capitalize on that and also helped me temper it some.  I’m hoping to continue that here at the CrossFit gym.  And whenever we get a BJJ program started here in the county I’ll be stronger, more flexible, and in better shape for it.

I’ll also be posting here more frequently to document our life in NC, my life at Facebook, and all the other stuff I feel like writing about.

Until next time!


here’s the typical workout i do 5 days/wk. i’m no expert, but it’s given me some very visible and tangible results.

i want to note that i don’t work my legs, at least not yet. carrying around 300+lb for years means my legs are pretty dang strong.

STRETCH  – always stretch! i do some quick stretching before i warm up

WARM UP – i walk at a brisk pace on the treadmill for 3-5min

STRETCH – i spend about 10min stretching. i stretch my legs very well, my back, triceps, hips, neck and forearms.

RUN – 3 days /week i run 1.5-2 miles at this point in the workout. the other 2 days i do a tabata run- 30 seconds at a very fast pace, 30 seconds rest, 10 cycles of run/rest. this interval training does wonders for your stamina and speed. typical treadmill speed for the 1.5-2mi run is somewhere between 6.5 and 7mph. i do my tabata runs at 1-2% incline and at 8mph.

LIFTING – i’ll break up the lifting into individual exercises

SEATED CURLS – 25lb dumbbells, 10 reps each arm, 3 sets

DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS – 25lb dumbbells, 10 reps, 3 sets

note – i do a set of curls, immediately go into a set of shoulder presses, rest 10 counts, then do another set etc for a total of 3 sets

TRICEP EXTENSION (MACHINE) – 100/110/120lb, 10 reps, 3 sets (increase the weight 10lb each set)

BENCH PRESS – i use a plate loaded machine for this one. don’t know what it’s called specifically, but it gives some lateral motion that a bar doesn’t. when lowered your hands are farther apart than when raised. 35/40/45lb, 10 reps, 3 sets (increase the weight 5lb each set)

ROW – i vary between the machine and bent over dumbbell rows. machine? 100lb, 10 reps, 3 sets. bent over? 45lb dumbbell, 10 reps, 3 sets each arm

SHOULDER RAISES – 50lb dumbbell in each hand, 10 reps, 3 sets

SIT UPS – i use the sit up bench and do 50 sit ups, hands behind head with fingers interlocked. then i do 30 more with alternating twists at the top

OBLIQUE MACHINE – 72lb (weird i know..) 15 reps, 2 sets each direction

RUN – lastly i bang out another 1mi or so on the treadmill at a fairly easy pace, usually about 6mph

youtube is a great resource for learning about these exercises and more. proper form, especially when using free weights, is very important. check out the videos at ScottHermanFitness for some great info on form and good ideas.

every now and then i add an exercise to this routine or shake it up a bit. i never do them in the same order. soon i’m going to change things up a bit so my body doesn’t get complacent and my workouts remain productive.

i’ve seen good results in the mirror and have had to up the reps and weight over the last few weeks to keep up with the increased strength.

try it out, be careful, and have fun!

i recently turned 32 years old. wow. not much more to say.

life has been hectic as of late, but that seems to be the norm. things are moving and God is moving – i just hope i am smart enough to take the ride with him. i hope to be more focused on posting here both for my own benefit and to spread the word about some important things going on.

i’m transitioning to a new project at work (thank goodness!!!) and life is great on that front. this new project will allow much more time for me to take care of myself both physically and spiritually. i am about to embark on a life-changing quest for fitness. my fire was stoked when my friend Andy and I ran the Warrior Dash last weekend. it was an incredibly good time, but it illustrated my continuing need to get in better shape and take care of what God has blessed me with.

Marah Water is taking off. i don’t even know where to begin. the launch501c3 conference was amazing, and it answered tons of questions. my weeks since then have been packed with discussions and meetings. just yesterday our first board member joined the team – hopefully the others will follow soon. lots of “God things” are happening, our network is growing, and opportunities are presenting themselves almost daily. we’re obviously on the right track. see updates at

the kids are wonderful. growing up fast, learning, and being all around nutballs. ricky can write his name now and you should see the pictures he draws! he is an amazingly sweet, thoughtful and cautious kid. rachel is in love with daddy and daddy likes it! she is all about pink, princesses, laughing pizza, and dancing. she’s all girl, but she’s a handful too – she has to be when dealing with her big brother.

kristy and i both are working through the process of going back to school. i’m about to apply for a PhD program at Georgia Tech. i don’t know how it will all work out, but it seems like a good idea. we’ll see.. kristy has had a heck of a time getting her paperwork sorted out, but we’re getting there. we decided to hold off on a summer start since it just didn’t feel right.

i’ll be posting more often to discuss life in general, leadership lessons, humility and fat guy fitness. i hope you’ll come back!

oh, and i’m writing a book. more on that later 🙂

work has been very wild lately. things feel like they are falling apart, but this is the nature of my business. the final weeks of a project are always a flurry of activity and everything goes wild. i’m in the midst of it, which is why i’m sitting here on a Sunday morning posting from my office during my coffee break.

i am very interested in what the Bible says about work. God speaks to us through the Bible about many things but He is silent about many things as well. luckily work is not one of them..

i found this website while looking for some insight last night and found it to be insightful. take a look if you have a minute.

God wants us to work and be fruitful. we need to remember who we belong to. i need to remember why i do this. sometimes it is hard, sometimes the stress gets to me.

if you’re in the same boat, i encourage you by telling you that you aren’t alone. i’m here too. i’m looking for the reason i’m here every day. i look for the moments in which God can use me and I can glorify him. and i look forward to the day that he moves me to something else.

hang in there. i’m trying, so can you!

ive never seen it rain this much anywhere.

atlanta is flooded. i can drive 10 minutes northwest of my house and see homes almost completely submerged.

we’re blessed to be sitting in a dry house.

if you pray please pray for those affected by the weather in atlanta. it’s pretty bad around here..

i’m sure there are tons of blog posts about the events of 8 years ago today. i’m not going to rehash that.

i’m going to say just a few things.

thanks to our men and women in uniform who sacrifice daily to keep us safe. we’ll never know what we truly owe them.

thanks to those who have lost their lives in the defense of freedom.

i wanted to remind anyone who reads this to go check out the art of my pal Chris Beck at

Chris is an untrained southern folk artist who works in metal sculpture. his stuff is amazing and his heart is even more amazing.

even if you don’t give a rip about the art, try to get to know Chris. he’s a great guy and one of the best friends a person could ask for.

Chris will be at Who-Fest in Chattanooga, TN on the weekend of May 23 (maybe only on saturday? not sure). check his site or back here for more info.

long time no type.

the weather has been crazy here in atlata. this past weekend it was snowing and yesterday it was in the 70s.

this has played hell with everyone’s health. there’s some virus going around the schools and, unlickily, my wife and kids are now suffering from it.

anyway, today should hold in store some nice weather. hopefully the sunshine and warm weather will help everyone perk up a bit.

The Fireman, Electric Arguments

i bought Paul McCartney’s collaboration album last night. the “band” is called The Fireman and the album is called Electric Arguments.

it’s very good. very trippy – reminiscient of the Beatles’ later work. there are some really great songs with interesting sounds and textures. i’ll be listening to this one a lot.

i’m 10 songs into the 14 song album and one has stuck out so far. it’s called “Lifelong Passion”. here are the lyrics:

Step into the misty mountains
With your hair like ambered honey
To feeling warm and breezes
Let me sweetly

Let me hear your sweet, sweet laughter
And your loving conversation
And your innocent solution

Give me love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love
Be my lifelong passion
Give me love, love, love
Make my lifelong passion
Sail away

You feel the warm and breezes
You give me hands of warmth
Give me one f your hands
Let me hear your sweet, sweet laughter
Give me one of your hands
Let me kiss your lips of silver
Let me kiss your lips of silver

Give me love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love
Be my lifelong passion
Give me love, love, love
Make my lifelong passion
Give me love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love
Be my lifelong passion
Give me love, love, love
Make my lifelong passion
Sail away

Give me love, love, love
Make my lifelong passion

Loving conversation
Loving conversation
Innocent solution
Make my lifelong passion

check it out. it’s worth the download!

i typically don’t make new year’s resolutions. this year i wanted to get serious about a few things, but instead of resolutions i am making some goals. here’s a list that you can help me out with through prayer and holding me accountable..

  • weight loss. i joined weight watchers (!) and have been doing well with it. it takes some getting used to, but i think it’s a sane way to diet. my goal is to get down to 220ish by the end of this calendar year.
  • exercise at least 3x/wk. running, cycling, gym, whatever. i just need more activity.
  • follow my bible reading plan every day. this will take me through the entire OT once and through the NT twice throughout the year
  • finish my masters degree
  • get my LEED AP accreditation
  • step up my guitar and bass playing
  • get my jeep cj5 fixed up so i can take ricky on some trips in the woods
  • have a tea party with Rachel as often as she wants 🙂
  • videotape the kids more often
  • take more photos
  • take my idea for an iPhone app from my head to reality
  • spend more time with the kids when school is done
  • take Kristy out on more dates
  • remodel our dining room
  • get my shop cleaned out and finish setting it up
  • get some yard work done

that’s about it. seems like a lot, but if i bite it off in small chunks i think i can make it all happen. the only one that scares me is the weight loss. i’m going to do my best, which is all i can do. it’s hard to tell how much weight i will really lose. oh yeah, i’m down 1.5lb since i started WW 🙂

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