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more hypocrisy. i can’t say i blame him for wanting the best for his children. i plan on doing the same regardless of the sacrifice it might entail.

but, what about sticking to your guns? what about putting your money where your mouth is?

i have a feeling this is just the first of many policy positions, ideas and beliefs mr. obama will walk away from over the next 4 years.



from the merriam-webster dictionary:

transitive verb

1 a
: to make different in some particular : alter
b: to make radically different : transform
c: to give a different position, course, or direction to

from the obama dictionary:
tom daschle – professional politican since 1979. 30 year washington insider.
hillary clinton – first lady, currently professional politician, political insider for the past 30 years.
eric holder – US deputy attorney general under clinton. involved in some shady dealing with the rich pardon.
rahm emanuel – not much political experience, but he was at the helm of freddie mac during some terrible times. and he gave himself a $200,000 raise while he was there. 15 or so years of politics + shady deals at freddie mac.
who knows who else

so this is change? sounds like more of the same to me. professional politicians. professional BSers. people with plenty of political skeletons in their closet.

we’ll see about change.

so obama is hiring. you can apply for a job in his administration at, which is the website of “the office of the president elect” (whatever that is)

he wants to know some stuff about you, though.  here’s a short list:

-obama wants copies of every post or comment you’ve ever made anywhere on the internet. forums, blogs, listservs, everything. even youtube, CNET and amazon reviews/comments count.

-he wants to know all sites where you have a profile that others can see. myspace, facebook, linked in, match, e-harmony, chemistry, xanga. they all count.
-obama wants to know the names of your babysitters, gardeners, nannies and housekeepers.
-he wants to see your child support records, financial records, bank accounts, and job records (especially any work you’ve done overseas)
-he wants to know if you own a gun. and if you do, prepare to provide “complete ownership and registration information”
-if you’ve ever been involved in a “controversial matter” then fess up!
-if you’ve ever sent e-mails or txts that might be seen badly then be prepared to surrender a copy and an explanation.
-medical information? yup, he wants to see it

so is this a good idea or is it too intrusive? i think it’s (mostly) a good idea for CYA (cover your ass, for those who don’t know) if you’re interested in reading the questionnaire for yourself the click here:

i’m especially interested in the gun ownership questions. what business is it of his? his flip-flop attitude on gun ownership legislation has me a tad worried. in 1996 obama responded via survey that he supports laws banning the “posession” of handguns. he’s also vocally supported the washington DC handgun bans.

nikita khruschev said The press is our chief ideological weapon.” these days social media is a viable ideological weapon, and i guess obama intends to both use it and insulate himself. between this and the “fairness” doctrine i see a big impact on our first amendment rights.

i wanted to wait a day or so before i posted my thoughts regarding our recent election. so here it is.

if you’re reading this then you probably know me. that means you probably know i’m a conservative. i’m conservative fiscally and socially. yes, my faith plays into my political beliefs, but by no stretch of the imagination do i believe there’s one political party (or politician) that falls directly in line with Christ. if there was then he/she would, without a doubt, get my vote.

i believe that life is sacred. i am against abortion. if you ask me the hard questions about rape and incest and saving the mom’s life then i’ll tell you i don’t know. but in any other situation i believe it’s a terrible, barbaric practice.

i believe in personal responsibility. i believe in people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and making something happen, much like i’ve done and will continue to do.

i believe in liberty and justice for all, no matter the color of your skin, religion, sex etc. liberty is not equal to anarchy. liberty doesn’t mean we toss our morality out the window and have a free for all. liberty doesn’t mean we don’t have societal norms and expected standards of behavior.

so where does this leave me after barack obama, the most liberal senator in washington, has been elected the president of our great nation?

first, congratulations to all my friends who support obama. i hope and pray he will be a good president. i might not agree with much he says, but i can agree to be hopeful and prayerful. i honestly would love to eat my words. i’m doubtful of that, but it would be nice.

second, i’m proud of how far this country has come in recent years. a black president? wow. let’s toss politics aside and think about how great this is. i hope this sparks some real change and success in depressed communities around the country. nobody has any excuses any longer.

last, i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t worried. many conservative types are doing damage control these days. they say “well I know who’s really in control”. well, i believe God IS in control, but we suffer from our own decisions. life is still life. i’m still worried about this country moving in a socialist direction. i’m worried about our foreign policy. i’m worried about my best friend who is fighting in Iraq as i type this. i’m worried about lots of things.

everyone wanted change. well, now it’s upon us. let’s see how it works out.

all the libs are leveling racism, violence and “rudeness” charges against the mccain/palin campaign.

let me clarify that the charges should be leveled against the idiots in the crowd choosing to make ignorant, racist remarks.

is obama a terrorist? i don’t think so. but he did associate with a known terrorist. who cares if it’s years and years later.. he should have had better judgment.

anyone making racist remarks needs to be shut up. political campaigns are no place for that and, frankly, i’m surprised we haven’t seen more of it.

i’ll agree with sarah palin. obama doesn’t see the world like us. and by “us” i mean reagan republicans. it has nothing to do with race, and to suggest that it does is complete insanity.

BUT, let’s not forget that the same type of verbal assault and threatening speech comes from the left as well. from the side that’s all about bi-partisan action. from the side that wants unity. from the accepting, peace loving, inclusive side. (so sayeth the libs)

watch this video from Manhattan. you think these people would be against milquetoast foreign policy, a weak military and more government intrusion into daily american life. but no, more threatening speech, comparisons to nazi germany and plenty of middle finger action. then tell me the obama cult of personality has clean hands… didn’t think so.

i can’t believe this crap. if the conservatives did this it’d be the most atrocious thing ever in the eyes of the libs. alpha, omega? what? it’s the nazi youth all over again.

now watch this one and remember where the exploitation of youth came from and where it can lead us.

and while we’re talking about the cult of personality, something to redeem the post. one of the finest rock and roll bands of the 80s singing one of the finest rock and roll songs of all time.

you decide…

most of the readers here know that i don’t pull any punches when it comes to politics. i’m a republican through and through.

this made me do a double take.

i mean, really? it really sounds like they’re at a sunday school performance. in fact, it even said at the beginning that this took place on a sunday. the Lord’s day. these people really think that Obama is the savior.

i might be anti-Obama, but i surely don’t think he’s anything similar to adolf hitler. but his supporters’ exploitation of youth for their cause smacks of the nazi propaganda machine. it’s the Obama Youth.

don’t worry, all my liberal friends. i’d be writing the same post if some kids were singing “holy is mccain” or “all hail the power (of mccain)” or something like that 🙂

Analysis: Obama spares details, keeps up attacks.

interesting read. and from the AP no less.

all this talk about change change change. very little detail. very little substance.

what’s he going to do? i’m not sure he knows! i just don’t think he has the experience to really make something happen. it’ll be up to his advisors and whoever’s pocket he’s in. George Soros maybe? who knows.

he’s a puppet with zero substance.

you’ve been barack-rolled!

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