My name is Adam. I’m married to the love of my life and we have two incredible children together. We all live in an old house on the northwest side of Atlanta. There’s always work to do on the house and I love it. I work in the construction industry – only God knows why! I’m also working on my masters. These things mashed together creates a sometimes chaotic but always busy life.

I love technology. I love old things, especially cars and houses. I love Jesus, I love my Church, and I love my great group of friends.

I’ve played around with the guitar for about 20 years but my true love is the bass. I wish I was a full time musician.

I’m training for a half marathon… I’m a big guy – always have been – and now is the time to make a change and get in shape. 13.1 is my muse. I’m really starting to enjoy running. Check my progress at

I love to take pictures. I have a random collection of photos that grows daily at or look for more at

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