yesterday i ran my second Warrior Dash in Mountain City, GA. i ran it last year with my buddy andy and we had an incredible time. i was in much worse shape but i pushed through and made it happen.

this year was a different story. first and foremost i ran it with my lovely bride. she had never done anything like this before and i think this is probably the dirtiest she had ever been in her life! we had a blast and will definitely do it again. being in better shape really helped. i was able to really push through the race and i scampered over some of the same obstacles that scared me last year. now that i’m lighter and stronger i am much less afraid to climb walls, scamper up cargo nets and crawl around on my hands and knees.

yesterday i was about 70lb lighter than when i ran the same race last year. i was also much stronger, much faster and had greatly increased stamina. it made a huge difference and really paid off in motivating me to take the next steps in my fitness journey.

that being said, today starts the last phase of my weight loss. i have 20ish more pounds to drop and i’m back on the ultra strict, ultra scientific plan to make it happen. it’s been a good day so far and we’ll see how it goes the remainder of the week. in my experience the first 3 days stink and then everything is OK. hopefully i can make it 3 days without snapping at anyone!

while i’m doing this i’ll be juggling final training for the peachtree road race. kristy and i both are running it this year for the first (and probably last) time. it’s something i need to do, but i think i only need to do it once. 60,000 people doesn’t sound like much fun to me. who knows. i will drop the 20lb during this training and settle in at my goal weight. the extra weight loss will help nicely when fighting the early july heat in atlanta. should be fun!

after that i’ll get to work on the 2011 Southern Odyssey relay race training. this isn’t until October, but i’ll need to do some intense training. i’m probably the least fit (definitely the least experienced) person on the team, and a 200mi 48hr relay race should test my abilities.

sometime later this year i’ll find a half marathon to run, and next year i’ll run a full marathon.

i’ve come a long way from the 2010 Warrior Dash. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!