i’ve strayed from posting lately because i haven’t had much to say. when you’re busy you don’t typically have time to share much about what’s been happening. well, now i have something to share. something important.

in may 2010 right around my 31st birthday i stepped on a scale and, after it got over the shock, it told me that i weighed in at a whopping 306lb.

let’s put this in perspective.

306 lb = 643 big macs
306 lb = almost 8 average 5 year old boys
306lb = about 4 aluminum wheels from a tractor trailer
306 lb = about 37 gallons of water
306lb = 2,892 hershey’s kisses
306lb = about 1/8 of your average cow

i could go on, but the bottom line is I GOT FAT. very fat. most men who stand 6’1″ tall and weigh 306lb are fatties and i was no exception.

i decided that day to make a change. i started doing some research, i joined the gym, i had successes and failures, and i got down to 282.5lb in january 2011. that’s a respectable loss of 23.5lb. not too shabby. obviously i needed to lose more weight.

through a stroke of pure luck i was chosen as a contestant on my local radio show’s morning program in a fat loss challenge.

on jan 24 i weighed in at 282.5lb. our team worked diligently with a local bariatric doctor and the pounds started dropping. i started feeling better and it snowballed into full blown life change.

yesterday, the final day of the weigh in, i stepped on the scale and it read a CRUSHING 231lb.

that’s right, i lost 51.5lb in 5 weeks. our team of 3 took the win!

i look better and feel better than i have in years. i’ve lost 6″ off of my waist since last may. i’m down an entire shirt size, soon to drop another. i’m not stopping either. though our team won a bunch of prizes, the most important prize (though i look at it more like a gift..) is a commitment from our doctor to work with us at no charge until we reach our goals and to help us maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. the doctors also are continuing their work free of charge with the gentlemen on the opposing team, which speaks volumes of their character and passion for health and the fight against obesity.

at the rate i’ve progressed i anticipate i will reach my goal of 200lb by mid april. at that time i’ll move into a maintenance phase and begin working hard with a trainer (one of the other prizes we won!) to build up 10-12lb of muscle. i don’t know how long it will take, but by the end of this year i expect to be between 200 and 215lb with low body fat, high strength, renewed focus and confidence like i’ve never had.

i’ll be blogging here about the remainder of the journey, which means my entire life. i am a believer in health and fitness. i have proven to myself and to others that developing a plan and sticking with it works. i will spread the gospel of weight loss and fitness. my entire focus has shifted and i am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

finally, if you’re in the Atlanta area and you want to learn how to change your life like I did and am continuing to do, call Dramatic Weight Loss center at 770-394-9991 or check their website at http://www.dramaticweightloss.com. not only will Dr. Mansfield, Scott, Amanda and the team help you overcome the physical obstacles, but they will help you overcome the mental obstacles as well, which are definitely the most challenging aspect of the fight.

here are some photos so you can see proof of my journey. there are more to come including some of the professional shots we took yesterday.

initial weigh in – 282.5lb











week 1 – 263lb










week 2 – 256.5lb











week 3 –  249lb










week 4 – no picture – 243lb

week 5 – final weigh in – 231lb