lately ive been working my butt off. literally.

over the last few weeks i’ve lost a bunch of weight. i’m on track to have lost 20lb total by the end of this week.

i’ve learned that it’s all about the planning. from packing meals for work to planning for workouts and tracking every bit of food that goes in my body, it’s all part of a plan. it’s like the old saying – if you fail to plan then you should plan to fail.

well kids, i’m not going to fail. by october i’ll have lost almost 60lb if i keep on track and work hard. my life is getting easier as i get in better shape. i’m about 1/3 of the way there and i feel awesome. can’t wait to feel what it’s like to be in shape.

anyway, i have a few specific goals in mind for this journey and i can’t wait to meet them. my first milestone is 20lb lost and it’s just around the corner.