i recently turned 32 years old. wow. not much more to say.

life has been hectic as of late, but that seems to be the norm. things are moving and God is moving – i just hope i am smart enough to take the ride with him. i hope to be more focused on posting here both for my own benefit and to spread the word about some important things going on.

i’m transitioning to a new project at work (thank goodness!!!) and life is great on that front. this new project will allow much more time for me to take care of myself both physically and spiritually. i am about to embark on a life-changing quest for fitness. my fire was stoked when my friend Andy and I ran the Warrior Dash last weekend. it was an incredibly good time, but it illustrated my continuing need to get in better shape and take care of what God has blessed me with.

Marah Water is taking off. i don’t even know where to begin. the launch501c3 conference was amazing, and it answered tons of questions. my weeks since then have been packed with discussions and meetings. just yesterday our first board member joined the team – hopefully the others will follow soon. lots of “God things” are happening, our network is growing, and opportunities are presenting themselves almost daily. we’re obviously on the right track. see updates at http://www.marahwater.com

the kids are wonderful. growing up fast, learning, and being all around nutballs. ricky can write his name now and you should see the pictures he draws! he is an amazingly sweet, thoughtful and cautious kid. rachel is in love with daddy and daddy likes it! she is all about pink, princesses, laughing pizza, and dancing. she’s all girl, but she’s a handful too – she has to be when dealing with her big brother.

kristy and i both are working through the process of going back to school. i’m about to apply for a PhD program at Georgia Tech. i don’t know how it will all work out, but it seems like a good idea. we’ll see.. kristy has had a heck of a time getting her paperwork sorted out, but we’re getting there. we decided to hold off on a summer start since it just didn’t feel right.

i’ll be posting more often to discuss life in general, leadership lessons, humility and fat guy fitness. i hope you’ll come back!

oh, and i’m writing a book. more on that later 🙂