work has been very wild lately. things feel like they are falling apart, but this is the nature of my business. the final weeks of a project are always a flurry of activity and everything goes wild. i’m in the midst of it, which is why i’m sitting here on a Sunday morning posting from my office during my coffee break.

i am very interested in what the Bible says about work. God speaks to us through the Bible about many things but He is silent about many things as well. luckily work is not one of them..

i found this website while looking for some insight last night and found it to be insightful. take a look if you have a minute.

God wants us to work and be fruitful. we need to remember who we belong to. i need to remember why i do this. sometimes it is hard, sometimes the stress gets to me.

if you’re in the same boat, i encourage you by telling you that you aren’t alone. i’m here too. i’m looking for the reason i’m here every day. i look for the moments in which God can use me and I can glorify him. and i look forward to the day that he moves me to something else.

hang in there. i’m trying, so can you!