life has been interesting lately.

2 weeks from yesterday (11/19), kristy and i leave for Kenya. we’re working on a clean water project. check it out @

we’ve put out the initial “commo blast” and have had some pretty good results. i had hoped that everyone i sent a note to would be fully on board and sending money and prayers and engineering resources, but it didn’t happen. instead, i got a lot of questions, some prayer, and a few key folks with high interest. i really think God is teaching us a lesson – start small. be faithful with a little and more will come. handle this properly from the start and it will expand beyond your wildest dreams.

life is incredibly busy. i finish my masters degree this coming month and graduate on 12/19. work is busy. kids are keeping us busy, especially with the random health issues rachel has been experiencing. add to this my crazy workload and you have a recipe for fun.

still trying to lose weight. slowly getting into the swing of things. need to get to 240-245 so i have some options. more on that later.

i think that’s it for now. check the Marah Water site and blog for info on what we’re doing. if we can get net access while we’re gone then we’ll be updating šŸ™‚