life has been a bit crazy lately, hence my lack of posts. i’ll give a short rundown of some big stuff.

– last week i started the final course of my masters degree. i can’t believe i’m so close. december 14 i’ll be hooded. wow.

– now that i’m close to being done with my MS, i am seriously considering a Ph.D candidacy at Regent University. they have a really great program in Organizational Leadership that can be custom tailored. the program required 60 credit hours including dissertation. i think that’s about 2-1/2 years of study, but i’m waiting to hear back from the recruiter. even better, Regent is a Christian school that injects Biblical principles into it’s programs. very cool, and it will legitimize my leadership of the organization i plan to start (see next item)

– Kristy and I (and maybe our media/pr guy) are going to Kenya in november. this is the start of something big. more details soon, but please pray for a few things – fundraising, guidance, safe travel, and that we’ll find something to do with our kids 🙂 teaser: h2o

– the kids are growing up. they have started preschool. not much else to say.. it’s bittersweet. they are already learning so much. it’s wild.

– i am officially Coach Adam! last night was Ricky’s soccer practice (the U4 Cosmos). teaching kids under 4 how to play soccer is quite an experience, but it’s loads of fun. i actually got them to listen to me and to avoid using their hands. we’ll see how it goes 🙂

– i recently lost a good friend, Adam Anderson. everyone thought we were brothers. he had a rough time these last few years. i know he’s in a better place now. it’s definitely been hard.

that’s about it for now. i’ll address some of these specific issues soon as i plan to post much more often..