yesterday kristy and i finally got our baby girl rachel out of the hospital.

both rachel and ricky had been suffering from a summer cough – a little viral thing that has been going around. in rachel it developed into pneumonia and she even had a partially collapsed lung.

saturday kristy and i were out working. when we returned to the house we were both uneasy about rachel’s wheezing and coughing. kristy made the call to take her to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta urgent care clinic up the road. after a couple of hours there they put her in an ambulance and took her to the main CHOA emergency room.

she’s doing better now, but we still have some healing to do.

parents know that there’s nothing worse than a sick kid. even worse is a sick kid at the hospital. for 4 days.

lots of thoughts ran through my head during the last few days. one that i still can’t shake is that if we were your average african family my daughter would probably be dead or close to it today.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – this world is broken. this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. God help us!

for those of you who knew about this and prayed for us – i can’t thank you enough.