hi everyone, well, if there’s anyone still out there.

ive been super busy lately due to a promotion at work and the end of my next to last semester of grad school coming near. i’m burning the candle at both ends and the stress of it all is numbing. but hey, i signed up for it.

i decided to do something pretty much against the grain of my conservative nature. i’m pursuing some alternative medical treatments.

when i started looking into this i was ready to find a bunch of smelly hippies who wanted me to join greenpeace, peta, quit wearing leather and go vegan. now there’s nothing wrong with going vegan, or choosing to avoid leather, or joining peta. (note that i left greenpeace out – i think they are scum bags. but that’s another post.)

what i got was a surprise. i am now seeing docs at what they appropriately call an “integrative medicine” clinic/center. they integrate the best practices of western medicine, traditional medicine and naturopathy to provide complete care. most of them are Christians and i found out the guy who runs the place is a veteran and donates money to the republican party (thanks, google!).

i’ve been through a boat load of tests and begin my actual treatment next week. if the level of care i’ve received so far is any indication of whether or not their plans will work then i should be feeling better in no time. each member of the practice i’ve met with has sat with me and talked for at least 30-40 minutes, explaining everything as deeply as my interest allows. when my eyes start to glaze over they switch topics or send me on to the next person.

will i be cured of all my ills? who knows. but what i am getting is a group of people who have “been there, done that”. i’m getting someone who will listen to me and not think i’m crazy. i’m getting someone who will use every tool in their arsenal to improve my health – not just toss a prescription at me and tell me that will fix it. they want to coach me into lifestyle change while monitoring my progress. however much work i put into this is what i will get out.

you might ask why i’m going. my other blog, http://13point1.wordpress.com, detailed my (failed) attempt to train for a half marathon. i spent months eating right and running, not all of it noted on the other blog, with small results. i pounded my knees into submission and had to stop. i decided something else must have been wrong. so here i am trying to figure out what the root cause is. i’ve done the “eat right/less, run more” thing and it didn’t work. now i want to find out why.

drawbacks? so far the only one is that it’s expensive. my insurance covers a good portion but i still have to come out of pocket for some of it. but who can put a price tag on health?

i’ll be documenting the experience here as i go along, and i promise to be honest about it. if it sucks you’ll know it. if it’s great you’ll know it.