i typically don’t make new year’s resolutions. this year i wanted to get serious about a few things, but instead of resolutions i am making some goals. here’s a list that you can help me out with through prayer and holding me accountable..

  • weight loss. i joined weight watchers (!) and have been doing well with it. it takes some getting used to, but i think it’s a sane way to diet. my goal is to get down to 220ish by the end of this calendar year.
  • exercise at least 3x/wk. running, cycling, gym, whatever. i just need more activity.
  • follow my youversion.com bible reading plan every day. this will take me through the entire OT once and through the NT twice throughout the year
  • finish my masters degree
  • get my LEED AP accreditation
  • step up my guitar and bass playing
  • get my jeep cj5 fixed up so i can take ricky on some trips in the woods
  • have a tea party with Rachel as often as she wants 🙂
  • videotape the kids more often
  • take more photos
  • take my idea for an iPhone app from my head to reality
  • spend more time with the kids when school is done
  • take Kristy out on more dates
  • remodel our dining room
  • get my shop cleaned out and finish setting it up
  • get some yard work done

that’s about it. seems like a lot, but if i bite it off in small chunks i think i can make it all happen. the only one that scares me is the weight loss. i’m going to do my best, which is all i can do. it’s hard to tell how much weight i will really lose. oh yeah, i’m down 1.5lb since i started WW 🙂