i’ve been absent lately and, frankly, it’s been nice.

i’ve been on a break from school. i’ve had some holiday time. work has been pretty crazy lately, but i have still had some great rest and time with the family.

one of my new year’s resolutions is to write more. not just here but in general, so you’ll hopefully see more of me this year.

in other news, i have 2 more semesters until i finish my masters degree. next semester will be pretty light, and it happens to be the last of my graduate studies. i am stuck with taking one lame undergrad class in the summer in order to graduate. i’m not happy about that, but whatever.

work should calm down soon after an intense run at the end of my project. now the bosses are going to have to figure out what to do with me.. i was supposed to start working off and on in gainesville, florida for a while, but now we are under contract on a big job in the atlanta area, and it just so happens that i was specifically requested by the engineer and GC to be on that project. i’d rather not travel if i can avoid it, so this might work out very well!

anyway, happy new year to everyone! see you soon!