one of my best friends is named chris. chris is a handy guy. he has a great story and a strong faith. he’s a great brother in Christ and is one of those rare friends who will help with all of his might any time you need it. he goes above and beyond.

chris and his wife have a folk art addiction. they have an incredibly impressive collection, and they are directly responsible for getting kristy and me into collecting.

anyway, chris has always been an artist. you see it in his woodwork. you see it in the craftsmanship he puts into his home. you see it in the knives he’s made. you see it in the paintings he did when he was in college.

a couple of years ago chris decided he wanted to get serious. he got his hands on an old welder and started scrapping around for old metal. he took inspiration from some of his favorites like charlie lucas. he started making some of the most unbelievable stuff you’ve ever seen.

chris is launching a new web site. he’s going to start blogging. i encourage all of you to check it out.

here are some samples of his work…