i have extreme amounts of frustration in my life right now. it’s all coming from work. i’m afraid it’ll impact my health and relationships. actually i’m afraid it already has.

i think i’ve done well leaving it at the office, but that only lasts so long. i feel like it’s a matter of time before i bring it into my house, and that’s a problem.

this illustrates how important the concept of rest is. i need some rest. i get plenty of sleep, i take it easy at home, but i think rest is different. i’m looking forward to that drive home monday after work and the subsequent time off for Christmas.

i could vent about specifics, but i won’t bore all 3 of you readers with the details.

the words of Job come to my mind.

What strength do I have, that I should still hope?
What prospects, that I should be patient?
Do I have the strength of stone?
Is my flesh bronze?
Do I have any power to help myself,
now that success has been driven from me?