wow, this brings back some memories. i’m the bass player with the georgia tech hoodie on. it popped up on facebook today.

this would have been spring break 2002 in mexico city.

some of you don’t know me very well, so i’ll give a little background. i went to georgia tech and so did my wife. we met at the christian campus fellowship, a vibrant campus ministry.

while i was a student there the leaders at CCF had the dream of taking the ministry model from georgia tech and planting college campus ministries around the world. i was hooked and so was kristy. we signed on. during the summer of 2000 i did a mission internship in mexico city and loved it. that summer the campus ministry in mexico city launched. that ministry was called el oasis. i’ll blog later about our missions adventures.. we have a fun story for sure.

fast forward. i graduated and began a year as an intern at CCF. it was a tough year of work with lots of highs and lows. one of the highs was my spring break trip to visit my friends working at the campus ministry in mexico. my buddy kemp, the guy sitting playing acoustic guitar, told me to bring my bass. i said “sure!”

that week wasn’t spring break for the college students, so they had a regular thursday night bible study at the ministry. i remember it like it was yesterday – semi-outdoors, perfect weather, tons of kids. we had rehearsed a song called “el duelo” by a chilean band called la ley and played it that night. afterward we went to coyoacan and ate churros, drank coffee and probably ate a couple of tortas if the truth is told 🙂

that trip, and especially that night, make a memory for me that is near the top of my list. it was an incredible break from an incredible year that culminated with my marriage to kristy. work was tough and fulfilling, and this trip was a great way to see how it all came together. it was the legacy that CCF was leaving. later on that trip i attempted to climb ixtaccihuatl for the second time and didn’t make it. but kemp and i were chased by some angry bulls, i puked my guts out from altitude sickness, and we were caught in a storm on the mountain that had us pretty scared. good times.

there’s one comment on this photo on facebook. a comment by a girl named kika. it says (after my translation):

“that was my first day at el oasis! the day i fell in love with God! HOW INCREDIBLE! i’m crying!”

and now the memories are even more incredible.