so ive been jonesing for a line 6 pod x3 live for a while now. it does a lot of neat stuff including:

-good modeling
-lots of good FX
-usb computer recording
-computer patch editing/backup/patch storage
-electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocal and bass processing – all of which i use at one time or another

and it just sounds good.

i love my tube amps.. i love my JCM900. but its tough to lug it around, plus, stage sound at church is a no-no since our room is so incredibly live. i love a nice, real, fat bass amp sound.

this is as close as you can get, and, in some cases, better.

i got a 20% off coupon for sam ash and went to pick one up. $100 off is a good deal and i paid less than i would have for a used on on ebay.

i haven’t played with it a whole lot, but my first impression is that it’s going to be great. especially considering i can turn amp modeling off and use it in front of my marshall as a stomp box/wah/volume/delay/compressor. i have yet to run it directly into the system, but i hear it sounds a million times better than the earlier line 6 stuff. kyle got one too and he raved about it after using it yesterday morning.

i’ll post back some results after i learn more about it, but it looks like it will be great.

now i’m on the hunt for a case to protect it, and i came up with this, which happens to fit the unit perfectly. it even has room for an additional expression pedal if you want to add one.. about $55 shipped to atlanta. i’ll be ordering one sometime soon.

on another note, there’s a christian artist named lincoln brewster. he’s a great guitarist and has written some of the most recognizable songs you might hear in a contemporary church.

after doing some reading, i found out that he uses this line 6 pod x3 live exclusively both in the studio and on stage. he’s spent hours and hours developing his own patches for the unit and they sound terriffic. he doesn’t do any other processing, just the x3. pretty neat that someone like him would trust it for studio and stage. he even made his patches available on his website so any average joe like me can download them to the x3 live and get (almost) the same sounds. i say almost because he uses different guitars than i do which will impact it a bit.

anyway, if you want reduced stage clutter, reduce on-stage noise, and complete control over your sound this might be the ticket. i’ll let you know 🙂