great song. but not the point of this post.

yesterday afternoon kristy and i are on the way home from augusta and the phone rings. it’s my mom telling me their neighbor’s home is engulfed in flames.

my dad ran over to the house and passed the homeowner who was spraying down the outside of their chimney with a garden hose. dad runs to the front door, which is locked, and bangs on it until someone answers. he says “your house is on fire!” they said “i know, we called 911.” dad yells “YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! GET OUT NOW!” and it finally clicks in the lady’s head that she should get out.

dad instructed her to get everyone out, go to the end of the driveway and count to make sure everyone is accounted for. thankfully they were all out and everyone is ok.

i was in shock. smoke in the house, they know it’s on fire, and they’re still there behind a locked door. why? don’t they remember the lessons in school? don’t they think far enough ahead to understand what could and probably will happen if they stay inside?

then it all hit me.

nobody pays attention to consequences. their way was best. we’ll just chill out while our house burns around us because it’s not a big deal. we’ll be ok because we’re invincible. we can get out in time when it really gets bad.

i’d be out of my house in an instant if it was on fire, and i’d have my wife and kids with me. but why do i stay in other, not so obvious situations that are burning down around me?

i’m praying i can give it up and submit to the voice of God and step out of my burning mess and into his safety.

sucks that their house burned right before Christmas. please pray for them.

and on an unrelated note, they probably started a fire in the fireplace without making sure the chimney was clean/unblocked. please please PLEASE get your chimneys swept before you use the fireplace!!!