so i’m moving on to my next construction project(s). they happen to be in north central florida.

the good: i dont have to be down here all the time. the time i’m not down here i can work from home. it won’t last too long.

the bad: i have to be away from kristy, ricky and rachel some. sucks, but what am i going to do?

i’m down here for my first visit this week. 5 and a half hours in the car this morning. then a 5 hour meeting. now school work to finish out the semester. it’s shaping up to be a boring/depressing trip so far.

i checked my voice mail after dinner and ricky left me the sweetest voice mail message ever. “love you daddy, i miss you. hi daddy!” talk about cheering a man up 🙂

love you kristy, sorry, and i’ll be home sometime thursday evening.