the day before thanksgiving kristy and i traded both our vehicles in on a minivan. it was a very very smart move. we’re saving a ton of money, got a really nice vehicle for the kids to ride around in, and generally less hassle in our lives.

i traded in my 03 dodge ram diesel truck. i had always wanted a diesel truck and this one served me well. i thought i’d keep it forever. it took us to chicago and back about a week after we bought it. it’s taken me to florida and back a couple of times. i even drove it from atlanta to mexico round trip once. it was a beast!

now we’re rocking the 08 chrysler town and country. now is a great time to buy a car, evidenced by the fact that we got almost $13k off of the sticker price. these guys are hungry for business. they tell you they are doing fine, but you can see it all over their faces. they want a sale.

part of this deal is that i get to put some money into my 76 Jeep CJ-5 now so i can have a personal vehicle to bomb around in. i’m very excited about this, and look for some great posts in the near future regarding the work i’m going to put into my little jeep. it’s going to be fun!