kristy and i had a great weekend. saturday we had the opportunity to have an extended conversation with our best friend SPC Dave who is serving in Iraq. he’s doing well. technology is great. we even got to do some video chatting on skype. it didn’t work all that well, but we saw him and he saw us. it was a blessing.

Sunday my parents took the kids home after church so Kristy and I could have a nice date. we had a great afternoon and then we had dinner at Dailey’s in downtown atlanta. it was a blast. we called Honey and Poppy to check on the babies and neither of them was feeling very well..

fast forward to yesterday. Kristy picked the kiddos up after work and they were feeling a bit worse. this morning Ricky was in sad shape. Rachel is doing OK with just a runny nose and a little cough, but Ricky appears to be full-on sick.

leaving for work when your baby is sick is the most painful thing a Dad has to do. i won’t be right all day.