so all my friends are posting 100 things about themselves and i feel compelled to jump on the bandwagon. here we go. these are things you may or may not know.. some interesting, some not so much.

1. i went to private school for 14 years. my first experience with public education was at georgia tech

2. i flunked out of georgia tech after my dismal first year, but i went back after a (mandatory) break and earned my degree

3. i met Kristy my third day at georgia tech but we didn’t date for 4 years

4. i have spent about 3 years growing my hair out long. it’s shoulder length now. this is the first time in my life it’s really been long (see #1)

5. i love engines.

6. my dad has a 1965 pontiac GTO and it’s my favorite car of all time. lots of memories there.

7. i played the piano for about 3 weeks when i was a kid, but i didn’t like the instructor, so i quit

8. then i started playing the violin. mom told me she’d get me a guitar if i played the violin “for a while”

9. 6 years later i got my first guitar

10. i’ve played the bass for 15 years and it’s where my heart is

11. i own 4 acoustic guitars, 1 12str acoustic guitar, 2 electric guitars, 2 electric basses, and i’m working on getting my first electric bass returned to me – it was lost in the mix about 10 years ago and i have some leads on it. i’m pretty much addicted.

12. when i was a kid all my friends listened to NKOTB and stuff like that. i listened to my dad’s old vinyl. rolling stones, zeppelin, the dead, otis redding

13. i’ve had facial hair consistently for about 13 years now. if i shave i think i look like a kid. and it makes me look fatter

14. i’ve always wanted a motorcycle

15. kristy and i have owned 9 cars since we’ve been married

16. i’ve owned 5 jeeps in my life, only one didn’t run 🙂

17. i work in the construction biz just like my dad does and his dad did

18. i have a big problem hiring someone to work on my house or my cars. i like to do it myself

19. i had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and it was fixed in 1996 with a heart catheterization

20. i always have crazy, big ideas that i never follow through on

21. i enjoy drinking beer

22. i love sleeping

23. i hate corn

24. i have 3 tattoos

25. i want more tattoos. we’ll see what the wife has to say 🙂

26. i love firearms

27. i’m finishing up my masters degree in construction management this coming summer

28. i would like to teach someday

29. i’m on a lifelong quest to find the perfect french onion soup

30. i think my mom’s chicken salad is a gift from God

31. i am an only child

32. my biggest regret is that i have never served in the military

33. i dream of getting a helicopter pilot’s license

34. i’ve been skiing once in my life and i was miserable

35. i’ve climbed ixtaccihuatl

36. ive driven 152mph on I-20 headed east towards augusta. yes it was stupid. yes it was ridiculously fun!

37. i like whiskey but don’t drink much of it

38. i wish i could draw but i just can’t do it

39. i broke my arm riding one of those 80’s BMX style scooters when i was a kid

40. i played soccer for years and years when i was a kid. goal and forward

41. my vision is TERRIBLE. thank God for contact lenses

42. i dream of being a runner. that’s a story in itself!

43. until earlier this year i had never run 1 mile non stop

44. now i can run 4-5 miles

45. i was supposed to run the half marathon on thanksgiving day but i’m not ready. i’m running the ING half marathon in march

46. one of my joys in life is going to the top fuel drag races. smoking tires, nitromethane and noise so loud you feel it in your chest. i can’t get enough.

47. i love steely dan. when kristy and i were dating and first married we heard a steely dan song every time we were in the car

48. kristy and i almost moved to Chile to work as missionaries when we were first married but it fell through. God had different plans.

49. i used to hate Christian music, now i listen to a lot of it

50. i love woodworking, and if i can ever get my shop set up, i am going to make doll houses for Rachel and other kids

51. i want to have a huge garden in my back yard. i love flowers and i want to eat food from my own plants

52. i am very interested in sustainability and environmental responsibility

53. i am one of the fastest learners you will ever meet

54. i love folk art, especially my friends ceb and eric legge

55. i would love to figure out a way to live in Paris, France

56. i’m thinking of studying for a PhD in architecture with a focus in construction management, city planning or energy performance

57. i used to have my septum pierced – a nose ring like a bull

58. i enjoy fire, explosions and fireworks

59. i would like to start my own business someday

60. i’m quietly working on a big missions project that could change lots of lives around the world in addition to my own

61. i’ve never voted for a democrat and i probably won’t

62. i miss bradley nowell

63. i have dreams about my friend justin fisher running barefoot through fields of green, soft grass in heaven

64. i never went to Church until i was 17

65. i never looked back

66. i love my wife so much it hurts

67. my desk is constantly messy, mainly because i’m not at it much

68. i just got an iphone last week and i love it so far

69. i read the engineering news record because i’m a dork

70. vince flynn is one of my favorite authors. i want to be mitch rapp.

71. i’ve been honing my sheetrock/mud skills for years now and i still suck at it

72. i dont read the bible as much as i should and i feel guilty about it

73. i love diversity. at school i’m a definite minority as an american and it’s fantastic

74. i can’t tell a joke to save my life

75. i can yell really really loud

76. i have all sorts of little southern sayings that i bust out to make my wife laugh

77. i taught ricky the ROCK N ROLL hand sign, and he says it every time i show it to him

78. i’m jealous that my wife gets to spend more time with the kids than i do

79. i hate taylor guitars. everyone else loves them. i hate paul reed smith guitars too. sorry kyle!

80. i’m afraid if i lose weight, which i desparately want to do, that it will change my personality

81. i like my nose. it looks nice.

82. i have little patience for incompetence. i used to get angry about it, now i keep it to myself

83. i am really hard on wallets. not like it’s stuffed with cash or anything..

84. i love shoes. i have a bunch of them and always want more.

85. i love korean food. i never had it until i married my wife who is half korean. now i don’t eat enough of it!

86. my mom is an incredible artist and i got none of her talent. damnit.

87. i constantly think about chaning careers but i feel like i’m stuck. i do like my job, though

88. i just can’t get into jack johnson.

89. i’ve read lots of classic books. one of my favorites is the great gatsby. that book brings vivid imagery to my mind like no other novel has

90. i’ve never lived outside of atlanta for more than a few months, and that’s only happened twice

91. i’d rather eat fried okra or sauteed asparagus than chocolate

92. i can make friends with almost anyone. almost.

93. i like my mac more than i like my PCs because it rests my brain

94. i have always procrastinated in my school work

95. i love tools and have way too many

96. i have two cats, vinnie and pumpkin. i grew up allergic to cats but it’s not an issue any longer..

97. i caught a microphone that trent reznor threw into the crowd at a nine inch nails concert when i was in high school. it cut the heck out of my hand. i still have it somewhere..

98. i hate any calculator that isn’t RPN. really, i hate any calculator that isn’t my HP 48GX

99. i enjoy chewing that cheap chiclet style gum you get from vending machines

100. when i was in college i ate lunch or dinner with my mom once a week almost every week