from the merriam-webster dictionary:

transitive verb

1 a
: to make different in some particular : alter
b: to make radically different : transform
c: to give a different position, course, or direction to

from the obama dictionary:
tom daschle – professional politican since 1979. 30 year washington insider.
hillary clinton – first lady, currently professional politician, political insider for the past 30 years.
eric holder – US deputy attorney general under clinton. involved in some shady dealing with the rich pardon.
rahm emanuel – not much political experience, but he was at the helm of freddie mac during some terrible times. and he gave himself a $200,000 raise while he was there. 15 or so years of politics + shady deals at freddie mac.
who knows who else

so this is change? sounds like more of the same to me. professional politicians. professional BSers. people with plenty of political skeletons in their closet.

we’ll see about change.