SPC dave called us yesterday from iraq via skype. the sound quality was great, and the delay was a little weird but we got used to it. it costs him $.02/min to talk to someone in the US. i sent him my skype username so we can chat online for free. i’ll be sending him a webcam and headset so we can videoconference as well.

i can’t imagine how difficult it would be without technology. so far i’ve talked to dave quite a few times on facebook chat, via email and on skype.

technology is life changing.

UPDATE: dave’s a step ahead of me.. he called again today and the sound was 100% better. he told me someone leaving his base had a brand new webcam/headset combo and gave it to him. he was calling to test out the headset, and he said the cam will be up shortly. we’ll probably try a videoconference this weekend! can’t wait!!