so obama is hiring. you can apply for a job in his administration at, which is the website of “the office of the president elect” (whatever that is)

he wants to know some stuff about you, though.Β  here’s a short list:

-obama wants copies of every post or comment you’ve ever made anywhere on the internet. forums, blogs, listservs, everything. even youtube, CNET and amazon reviews/comments count.

-he wants to know all sites where you have a profile that others can see. myspace, facebook, linked in, match, e-harmony, chemistry, xanga. they all count.
-obama wants to know the names of your babysitters, gardeners, nannies and housekeepers.
-he wants to see your child support records, financial records, bank accounts, and job records (especially any work you’ve done overseas)
-he wants to know if you own a gun. and if you do, prepare to provide “complete ownership and registration information”
-if you’ve ever been involved in a “controversial matter” then fess up!
-if you’ve ever sent e-mails or txts that might be seen badly then be prepared to surrender a copy and an explanation.
-medical information? yup, he wants to see it

so is this a good idea or is it too intrusive? i think it’s (mostly) a good idea for CYA (cover your ass, for those who don’t know) if you’re interested in reading the questionnaire for yourself the click here:

i’m especially interested in the gun ownership questions. what business is it of his? his flip-flop attitude on gun ownership legislation has me a tad worried. in 1996 obama responded via survey that he supports laws banning the “posession” of handguns. he’s also vocally supported the washington DC handgun bans.

nikita khruschev said β€œThe press is our chief ideological weapon.” these days social media is a viable ideological weapon, and i guess obama intends to both use it and insulate himself. between this and the “fairness” doctrine i see a big impact on our first amendment rights.