today is Veterans Day, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays.

i always try to call or email those who i know have served on veterans day to tell them thanks for their service to our country.

this country is great and the freedoms we enjoy are unheard of elsewhere in the world. we must thank those who risked their lives to protect that dream.

so here’s a public thanks to my Dad, a veteran of the US Navy. he served his country honorably around the world aboard the USS America.

and thanks to my uncle Tommy, a veteran of the US Navy.

thanks to my father in law, Dan, who retired from the US Army Signal Corps.

thanks to the numerous people I went to college and high school with who went on to serve in the various branches. there are a lot so I won’t try to name them all!

thanks to my friend from high school and college, Army 1LT Tyler Brown, KIA in Iraq Sept 14 2004.

and thanks to my best friend SPC Dave (soon to be SGT Dave) who is in Iraq serving bravely. below is a photo of him in Kuwait just before he went to Iraq.


make sure you say thanks to any vets you know. pray for them, pray for their families, and remember where your freedom comes from!