i wanted to wait a day or so before i posted my thoughts regarding our recent election. so here it is.

if you’re reading this then you probably know me. that means you probably know i’m a conservative. i’m conservative fiscally and socially. yes, my faith plays into my political beliefs, but by no stretch of the imagination do i believe there’s one political party (or politician) that falls directly in line with Christ. if there was then he/she would, without a doubt, get my vote.

i believe that life is sacred. i am against abortion. if you ask me the hard questions about rape and incest and saving the mom’s life then i’ll tell you i don’t know. but in any other situation i believe it’s a terrible, barbaric practice.

i believe in personal responsibility. i believe in people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and making something happen, much like i’ve done and will continue to do.

i believe in liberty and justice for all, no matter the color of your skin, religion, sex etc. liberty is not equal to anarchy. liberty doesn’t mean we toss our morality out the window and have a free for all. liberty doesn’t mean we don’t have societal norms and expected standards of behavior.

so where does this leave me after barack obama, the most liberal senator in washington, has been elected the president of our great nation?

first, congratulations to all my friends who support obama. i hope and pray he will be a good president. i might not agree with much he says, but i can agree to be hopeful and prayerful. i honestly would love to eat my words. i’m doubtful of that, but it would be nice.

second, i’m proud of how far this country has come in recent years. a black president? wow. let’s toss politics aside and think about how great this is. i hope this sparks some real change and success in depressed communities around the country. nobody has any excuses any longer.

last, i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t worried. many conservative types are doing damage control these days. they say “well I know who’s really in control”. well, i believe God IS in control, but we suffer from our own decisions. life is still life. i’m still worried about this country moving in a socialist direction. i’m worried about our foreign policy. i’m worried about my best friend who is fighting in Iraq as i type this. i’m worried about lots of things.

everyone wanted change. well, now it’s upon us. let’s see how it works out.