am i still in college? well, yes, sort of. but when you’re a working professional with a wife and kids you don’t pull all nighters unless it’s really bad.

work got really bad this week.

i stayed up all night last night. literally – i was up for 24hrs straight, took a short nap at about 5am today, and i’m back at it.

why? because i have to edit video for work. yesterday was an IT-challenged day and it spilled over into the night, into this morning, and probably will continue into this afternoon. at least everything is working now.

so what was i doing during the wee hours? well as my mac was rendering video i read books. two of them. i found some old classics downstairs and managed to finish The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men. why wasn’t i asleep you ask? because i had 3 separate processes running at once and couldn’t afford to miss the finish of one so i could start the next. so i read. and i froze my tail off. anyway, enough incoherent ramblings. here’s what a sleep deprived adam looks like. what’s up with my left eye? freaky.