all the libs are leveling racism, violence and “rudeness” charges against the mccain/palin campaign.

let me clarify that the charges should be leveled against the idiots in the crowd choosing to make ignorant, racist remarks.

is obama a terrorist? i don’t think so. but he did associate with a known terrorist. who cares if it’s years and years later.. he should have had better judgment.

anyone making racist remarks needs to be shut up. political campaigns are no place for that and, frankly, i’m surprised we haven’t seen more of it.

i’ll agree with sarah palin. obama doesn’t see the world like us. and by “us” i mean reagan republicans. it has nothing to do with race, and to suggest that it does is complete insanity.

BUT, let’s not forget that the same type of verbal assault and threatening speech comes from the left as well. from the side that’s all about bi-partisan action. from the side that wants unity. from the accepting, peace loving, inclusive side. (so sayeth the libs)

watch this video from Manhattan. you think these people would be against milquetoast foreign policy, a weak military and more government intrusion into daily american life. but no, more threatening speech, comparisons to nazi germany and plenty of middle finger action. then tell me the obama cult of personality has clean hands… didn’t think so.