i saw this guy a minute ago

sorry for the crappy picture. i was afraid he’d try to beat me up.

anyway, he’s a punk rocker. had a leather vest on (sans shirt underneath) with the requisite punk rocker stuff sewn to the back. rancid patch, misfits skull patch, and some of those trucker naked lady sillhouette thingies. he had a mohawk too. rock on.

what makes this funny is the fact that i took this picture on my way to class. i’m studying for my masters degree at a polytechnic university. evidently this guy is studying something technological, because that’s pretty much all they do here. he also had a brand new, shiny notebook computer in front of him as he was studying away.

isn’t it against the punk rock ethos to do anything “normal”? i thought real punk rockers who have mohawks and who actually wear leather vests sans shirt underneath were all anti-establishment and stuff. they’re supposed to hang out in the gutters around town, smoke their weight in cigarettes every week, hit the bottle hard and fight a whole lot. i mean, maybe he does all that too, but i didn’t think it was a normal thing for a punk rocker (rawwwr!!) to have an ipod, a shiny new notebook machine and an engineering degree.

oh well, to each his own. g.g. allin is rolling over in his grave, and tim armstrong probably disapproves.

but i bet greg graffin, PhD approves. never seen greg with a mohawk, though 🙂