you fail miserably.


this is the “Millenium Gate” here in grand ol’ Atlanta. believe it or not, it’s a recently completed structure and not some old war monument. it’s sponsored or designed or something by the “National Monument Foundation“. who are these guys? what exactly is this a monument to?  read up at their web site. sounds like a self-aggrandizing publicity scheme to me.

it’s small, not very well thought out, and it even sits at an angle to the road on which it was built. it’s pretty pathetic, actually, and it’s an eyesore. it’s a far cry from the modern architecture of Atlantic Station, and it really looks out of place. especially because it sits right in front of a gussied-up retention pond.

i feel like this a lot of times. i’d love to be like the Arc de Triomph or the Washington Square Arch, but i turn myself into a cheap imitation. i do it with my job, my faith, some of my relationships, and many other things. rather than being patient, working harder, or being a better listener, i put on a facade, and it’s not what God intended me to be.

i’m going to back off and try to build a monument worthy of God with my life. slowly.