myspace. facebook. twitter. blogs. you’ve heard of it all.

i’m kind of a nerd. always have been. it was only recent that i decided to dive into this world head first.

first i got a myspace account. myspace is trashy. i never even look at it anymore.

then i got facebook. facebook is pretty great – especially when they opened it up to any and everyone. i’ve reconnected with tons of old friends, old coworkers, and new friends. i’ve had raucous political debate with my liberal friends. i’ve learned a lot. it’s a really neat tool. and, to make things even cooler, my parents have facebook pages now. never thought i’d see that happen!

then i started this blog. interestingly enough i actually have people who read it. i’ve learned that more people read it when you post comments to other blogs, which i started to do on a semi-regular basis. the open exchange of ideas is one of the things that makes this country great, and i think the “blogosphere” is the bleeding edge of freedom of speech. go check for yourself, you will find everything – mild to wild – out there. take it all with a grain of salt, however, because it’s the unedited, unchecked, biased new media. not much out there is the gospel truth. i currently follow 27 blogs through which is a great solution for consolidating all the blogs. it takes a lot less time to keep up than you might think..

then it was twitter. i finally ditched my crap cell phone and got one that does text messaging well. i receive texts when certain people update on twitter. even more raucous, spur of the moment, unfiltered debate and talk goes on through twitter and i eat it up. just watch twitter during something like a presidential nomination speech or one of the upcoming debates and you’ll know exactly what i mean.

there are preachers out there who tie their ministry in with these Web 2.0 services flawlessly. one of them is my buddy shaun king. shaun is planting a church in atlanta this coming January, and through Web 2.0 services he has raised $30,000 for his church plant. if that’s not a testimony to the power of this always emerging technology then I don’t know what is. i’m sure he can tell you better than I can, but he seems to make a lot of valuable connections and make a lot of things happen solely because of these relationships.

so if you’re reading this and you aren’t really plugged in, do yourself a favor and make it happen. it gives me – a busy dad, businessperson, and student – an easy way to make new friends, keep up with everyone, and have some fun for short intervals during the day. it really helps my emotional and mental health. contrary to what people may think, these relationships and friendships are very real and rewarding. journeying with church planting friends, reading the thoughts of my pastor, and debating politics is a lot of fun and reminds me that we’re all in it together.