my wife is a hottie!

i tell my wife that she’s beautiful every day. somewhere inside i’m afraid that it will become commonplace and she’ll get used to me saying it, but that probably isn’t true nor will it stop me.

kristy is a gorgeous woman. she has beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, a smile that would stop a freight train, and, well, let’s just say she’s in shape 🙂

i’m a lumbering oaf of a man, and i often wonder what i did to deserve a wife who turns heads. whatever i did it must have been REALLY good!

i fall in love with Kristy again every day. i look at her in the morning and remember all the reasons i love her. i become more attracted to her every day as well. i constantly see new things about her that i love – that look she gives me when i get home from a long day at work, that smile when Ricky or Rachel does something new, that pensive look when she’s studying something.

to quote one of my favorite songs from The Verve, i’m a lucky man.