ricky says his prayers at night as he’s going to bed. it’s the cutest thing in the world.

ever since he was a very little guy kristy and i have prayed with him. he started to “get it” a couple of months ago, evidenced by the fact that he’d close his eyes tight and hold his hands together. it’s the most pure, innocent love you’ve ever seen and it melts our hearts.

a few weeks ago we laid down in bed and started to pray. out of the blue ricky says “pray honey?” asking me to pray for my mom, who the kids call honey. i was pretty shocked, but i was even more shocked when ricky asked me to pray for other people. “pray poppy”, “pray poppy’s knee” (my dad had a knee replacement recently…), “pray grandma”,  “pray grandpa”, “pray bee” (he calls rachel bee), “pray momma”, “pray diana”, “pray carlos”, “pray zach”.

ricky has even prayed his own prayers a couple of times. he mimics me and starts by saying “thank jesus” and then mumbles in his ricky-specific language, finishing strong with an amen. he opens his eyes and looks at me for approval. i am mush on the inside.

lately he’s tossed “pray people” into his requests. we pray for the people of the world and anyone group that might need some specific prayer like the starving, hurricane victims, and sick people.

the other day he said “pray ricky”. we prayed for ricky.

i’ve never understood that phrase “child-like faith” like i do now. it’s so beautiful. so honest. so sweet.