i think the third most convroversial topic for modern American Christians is the death penalty. abortion and gay marriage probably take the top two spots, but the death penalty discussion has unique twists that make for good discussion.

it seems, at least to me, that abortion is cut and dry when examined in a scriptural manner. gay marriage not so much, but still fairly cut and dry. scripture deems it wrong regardless of what the government recognizes and enacts, but even Jesus himself said to “give Caesar what is Caesar’s”. our Christianity transcends government and politics. we’re citizens of this country and are bound by its laws. that doesn’t, however, mean that we can’t (or shouldn’t) vote from a Christian perspective. i won’t vote for gay marriage, and it would trouble me if it was made legal, but what should I expect from a fallen world?

that brings us to topic #3 – the death penalty. this is something i struggle with. i’ve heard people say that “only God has the authority to take a life” . well what about the guy who took a life and ended up on death row?

stuff like this makes me all for the death penalty. but compassion and second chances make me wonder. with power comes responsibility, however, so i hope and pray that our leaders and judges make good, sound decisions when it comes to life and death. and stuff like this makes me question it altogether..

what does God say to you about the death penalty?