i developed a seriously nasty habit my freshman year in college. a little background..

i grew up in the south – specifically atlanta. in atlanta there is no soda. there is no pop. there is only coke. in some old school places such as bobby and june’s you ask for a coke and, in return, they ask “what flavor?”. then you answer, regular, diet, sprite, dr. pepper, etc etc. it’s sinful to even think of pepsi, and i’m surprised they haven’t outlawed that swill in the grocery stores yet.

my family (dad’s side) is a family of coke addicts. i bet that’ll bring in some funny google searches! anyway, we all drink coca-cola like it’s going out of style. none of that pansy diet stuff, the real deal.

when i was a freshman at georgia tech i moved in with my friend from high school whit. he is a confirmed diet cokeaholic, and the bad habit rubbed off on me. i started consuming mass quantities of diet coke and the habit remains.

so here i am trying not to kick it but to tone it down a little bit. with my half marathon training i really need to cut back on the swill and drink more water, or at least non-carbonated beverages. i feel like i’m pickling and preserving myself from the inside out. wish me luck!

oh, and i just finished my pre-class coke. it was a diet flavor…