George Clooney advising Obama on Middle East foreign policy


i can see an actor advising Obama on his body language. heck, the best president this country has ever seen, Ronald Reagan, was an accomplished actor – and it showed.

but middle east policy? i fail to see how a college dropout actor who has enjoyed a rich life is a keen advisor on governmental policy.

i applaud Mr. Clooney’s efforts to bring peace to Darfur and other parts of Africa. i have no idea how generous he is, but he has used his fame to bring light to this issue and i am thankful for that.

George needs to know his place – and it’s not advising politicians on foreign policy. leave it to the pros. hopefully Obama is just giving him the smile and nod and isn’t listening to this hack.

McCain was right – Obama’s a celebrity. nothing more than an ambitious politician. there’s no substance. Danny Ocean agrees!