monday morning kristy goes back to work. monday evening i go back to school.

i really enjoy my graduate studies. this fall i’m taking two courses. i’ll be out until 10pm three days a week. it’s rough on the family but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – i should begin my thesis research shortly and it’s all downhill from there.

working on a degree while working full time and raising a couple of kids isn’t easy. it’s a tough decision, but if i’m going to miss some time with the kids i’d rather do it now than later. plus, it’s not too bad – two of the three days i will be able to come home and see them for a little bit before i head off to class.

my friend shaun turned me on to a book by Andy Stanley called “Choosing to Cheat”. i plan to go pick it up this week and give it a read. any advice i can get on how to juggle this busy life is highly welcomed!

how do you balance your busy schedule with the truly important things in your life?