it’s time for a new website for CCB. something cleaner, more modern, and that reflects our developing style.

derek and i have worked on it a little bit, and here’s my test site. i ripped the photo off, but rest assured it will be replaced before we go live. our friend and fellow CCB guy chris is going to hook us up with some photography.. it’s rough but will continue to grow over the next month or so into a full fledged site.

i’m no flash guru, so i’m using sproutbuilder to generate the site. it’s a neat tool and i’d suggest it for your use to build sites, mini sites, mashups, sprouts, and whatever. it’s neat stuff. it’s free now, but the pro version will probably cost something in the long run. i’m considering copying the design in a real flash site once i learn enough to do so.. or i might enlist some help.

check out creative chaos here