i don’t like tennis, and i’d never heard of ashley harkleroad until today. she is from georgia, so maybe i should know about her? who knows..

listening to the radio i heard that she posed for playboy recently. ok, no big deal, lots of bimbos pose for playboy.

the discussion caught my ear as the DJ was talking about her Jesus fish tattoo that slows plainly in her nudie pictures. some of the radio personalities said it was out of place and wrong while others said it was “super hot” and made her extra sexy.

i think lots of Christians out there would be offended that Jesus is being represented in this manner on the pages of playboy magazine. i don’t like it, because it reinforces people’s misgivings about Christ, but let’s get real.

is posing naked in playboy with a Jesus fish tattoo any more hypocritical than people calling themselves Christians while lying, cheating, stealing and being angry?