i don’t even know what to say..

let me begin by saying that up until a year or so ago i had zero understanding of autism and aspberger’s syndrome.

the church i attend. Christian Church Buckhead, is unique in that it has a special needs children’s ministry that is centered around serving autistic children and their parents. my wife and i are both involved in the children’s ministry and i have seen autism and aspberger’s first hand.

neither disability is the product of bad parenting. to say so is ludicrous. saying an autistic kid needs to “suck it up” and “be normal” is like telling a kid with cancer to “just get over it” and “feel better”.

i bet the parents of these kids in our thriving special needs ministry WISHED and probably PRAY that they had a “brat” rather than a kid with a genuine problem.

enough about savage. he’s a moron. he gets zero respect from adam.

our special needs ministry is full of great kids with big problems. it’s headed up by a married couple, both PhD behavioral analysts, who specialize in autism. their day job is ownership and leadership of a school for severely autistic children. they are passionate about the struggle of both autistic kids and their parents.

we constantly hear stories from parents who have been asked to leave other churches because their kids are “too wild” or “bad”. we hear stories about how one parent had to stay home with their autistic child while the other went to church. we see the reports that say almost 90% of marriages end up in divorce when one of their children is diagnosed with autism.

being able to shine some love into these lives and give a little stress relief is a huge blessing, and i believe God has big things in store for our special needs ministry.