go read my wife’s latest post for her take on last night’s service at buckhead church. we taught sunday school at CCB yesterday morning, and when we do that we always head to buckhead church for some worship and a message.

a couple of things i wanted to note.

i’d never seen andy stanley on the video feed before. it was strange but it seemed to work well. the audio track was a bit off from the video, however, and it was incredibly distracting for a technology nerd like me.. tell me, buckhead church people, is it always like that or was it a fluke?

worship, wow. steve fee led yesterday at buckhead church and he’s pretty great. i’d never seen him live before. i went to 7:22 a few years ago when i was in college and was blown away by todd fields and the worship. it was a 100% rock show.

i was very torn as to whether or not i liked it. i’m a musician, and it’s easy for me to pick things apart. when I’m not playing at CCB i always watch with a critical eye, and i prevent myself from really getting into worship. it’s something i think most musicians deal with to some degree.

at first i thought i wouldn’t like the “rock show” at buckhead church, but i’ve decided that i really do, and it’s for a silly reason. these guys don’t make mistakes. well, they do, but you really have to be watching to notice, and even then they are pretty dang good. the sound is perfect and the presentation is perfect. it helps me get past my own issues. i’m sure los could pick it apart for me, but i’m a fairly well experience and informed guy when it comes to tech/sound/music and i can’t think of anything to pick at.

don’t get me wrong, i worship God at CCB. it’s my home, and i love worshipping with the people there. but sometimes something different can help refocus. worship doesn’t have to be perfect, nor does it have to be “bad” or “organic” (whatever that means) in order to be true. it’s the change of pace that i like. maybe next time i’ll go to a high school worship service…

oh, and los, if you’re reading, i saw lots of hands up last night. the master plan is working!