my friend shaun king is passionate about ending the modern slave trade. he’s started a new blog series regarding action we can take to help put an end to human trafficking.

27 million people around the word are enslaved. 27 million people are “owned” by another person. do you believe it? no? then check these resources.

free the slaves – founded in 2000, this is a not for profit organization dedicated to freeing slaves.

not for sale – one of the largest and most well known abolitionist groups.

innocence atlanta – for my local readers. child sex trafficking is alive and well in atlanta. it’s time to stop it.

i encourage you to check these sites. pray for the slaves and their owners. pray for the front-line abolitionists fighting for freedom. consider doing something more.


here’s my first abolition entry. most of you know i’m politically conservative. i’m skeptical of this global warming “crisis”, but i believe God wants us to take care of our environment. i’m a believer in free market economics and capitalism.

i’m pained to post a video from laura flanders, but it’s interesting and i think it causes some debate on both sides of this issue.

what do you think? slavery or not? are these people better off than in their home countries?

should we sacrifice human rights in order to better the environment with the production of something like the prius?

isn’t there a better way?