we’re back!

after 3115 miles of driving (!), 2 and a half days of construction, one overturned tractor trailer, one poor guy who was run off the road, a couple of smashed thumbs, some minor cuts and abrasions and lots of prayer we ended up with this:

a double sized Casas por Cristo house for this family:

this is my 6th or 7th time building a Casas home in Juarez – i’m not exactly sure. what i am sure of, however, is the incredible impact that this organization is making in Juarez.

Casas por Cristo is celebrating 15 years of ministry this year. since the inception Casas has built 3300+ homes, which means that somewhere around 15,000 people are now living in quality housing rather than tar paper and pallet shacks.

i’m proud that Christian Church Buckhead has chosen to partner with Casas por Cristo in annual mission trips.

i’ll be posting some more insight from the trip this week, so check back later. thanks to my friend Kurtis for putting this short video together. more is on the way!