sometimes i wonder what God is thinking. it pains me to think like this because i’ve been programmed to never question my belief in God. it took me a while to realize that i can question God’s decisions without questioning my belief or my faith. it’s about trying to get closer to God, trying to understand his mysterious ways. in a strange way it enhances God’s glory and reminds me that i don’t know everything, that i’m not in charge.

i read stories like this one and it gets my gears turning. i can read the bible and read every CS Lewis book ever written and i won’t understand.

or maybe this one. my heart is broken.

i have visions in my head of the clouds parting and hordes of angels descending from heaven to stop happenings like these. our world is bound to get much worse before Jesus comes back to end this madness, and that’s a scary proposition.

this world is a sad, scary place. we did this to ourselves.

thank God for Jesus! he truly is our only hope.