my wife is awesome. this could be another “why i love my wife” post, but i already wrote about food..

last night we had the first of what i call our “Rice Nights”

Kristy (my wife) was turned on to this idea from reading Heather Whittaker‘s blog and decided it would be a good idea for our family too. the more people that can be made aware of the suffering of hungry people around the world the better.

this concept was brought to life by a guy named Brian Seay and is starting to spread.

the idea is twofold:

  • take 10% of your food budget and do something to combat hunger with it. we’re going to sponsor a child through Compassion International
  • commit to eat only rice for one meal each week. this will help free up food budget money and we can use it as a fast of sorts to learn about and pray for the global food crisis. it’s a great teaching tool for our children as well.

the stories Brian tells are of unimaginable struggles. children in haiti are eating mud because they can’t afford a plate of rice. just think, we can drive to quiktrip and get whatever unhealthy junk food we want, and there are kids in Haiti eating dirt to overcome the unbearable physical pain of hunger.

to quote Compassion blogger David Kuo, this is a crime against humanity and a crime against God.

i encourage my readers, however few or many you are, to join us as we do something to combat hunger.