since this is the first volume i need to explain a few things..

first, i’ll never be able to cover it all. there aren’t enough gigabytes to explain how much i love kristy and why.

second, these reasons are in no particular order. some are everyday reasons and some will talk about the core values, qualities and traits that make me so head over heels for this woman…

tonight’s reason – FOOD!

my wife is a great awesome cook. ask any of our friends. she truly enjoys entertaining people around our table, and i love it. if you know anything about me then you know i like to eat. i probably like it a bit too much (see my running blog for more info on that…)

kristy’s favorite television channel is the food network. she has no fear when it comes to trying recipes – especially recipes from food network chefs. she pulls it off every time.

tonight kristy decided to make her own bbq sauce. who makes their own bbq sauce? kristy does.

since i’ve been trying to get healthy kristy has worked hard to cook healthy food for our family. trust me, it’s still the best food you could imagine.

i’m a lucky guy. i’ll never hurt for good food, and our kids will always remember mom’s cooking.

thanks for the good eats, babe 🙂